Top 10 email marketing tips/ideas:


  1. Links, links, links. Capitalize on any moment the reader might feel compelled to click. Have at least one link per paragraph using strong call to action techniques. Add useful commentary about your links. The readers need to be confident that we know what we’re talking about and we’ve actually read these links ourselves. Stay away from using images! Many if not most people will not even see the included images.
  2. Be persistent. Send the first message quickly. Don’t let too much time lapse between a second follow-up email because they will forget you. Stay in touch and keep reminding them of the value of your product.
  3. Carefully craft your subject line. It must fit your target audience/vertical and intrigue them enough to open it.
  4. Keep the text short and sweet. Most readers will scan for words that apply to them. Therefore, each vertical email list should have a few key words peppered throughout that we know will catch their attention. It helps also to bold key phrases we think are important or want to emphasis. Keep the text short and sweet and to the point. We can’t hold their attention for more than a couple paragraphs.
  5. Define your objective before writing. Do you want to generate sales, raise awareness, build loyalty or just get another email into the box? If the objectives are outlines tight before writing, the text will be more concise more likely and generate the results we want.
  6. Give yourself enough time. After writing the email you’ll want to review it, make it tighter, more concise, make sure the right point comes across. If there are deadlines for when the email needs to be sent out, then allow plenty of time beforehand to craft the perfect email sales pitch. On the same hand, it is possible to review TOO much. Over thinking the text to death will suck the personality out of it. And we want companies to see who we are and develop that personal connection with us.
  7. Use data. Make the effort to do the extensive research on the numerical sales trends in that vertical of our product. Adding all the numbers and science of it all seems boring but it’s necessary.
  8. Don’t overload with data and lose the personal touch. Too much pragmatism will lose the reader. They need to see our humor, become engaged, motivated, excited and entertained all while being informed.
  9. Include personal details about the company so they know we have taken the time to do our research on them. The worst thing we could do is have these look like copy and paste emails. By personalizing it shows we care.
  10. Have a consistent tone of voice. Establish it at the beginning, and then keep if throughout all the follow-up emails. It should carry your personality as well as your unique marketing style.

Tally McCormack

Tablet Claw (Idea Harvest LLC)

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