More than 50% of Kickstarter Projects Fail…why?

This recent article on Fast Company begs the question from us at Idea Harvest….why do more than half of all Kickstarter projects fail?

The article linked here has an interesting thought on the fail rate, “you can’t help but wonder if that’s largely by design, that it’s some sweet spot of project density to get the maximum dollars out of funders (after all, if every project were funded, there would be little incentive to invest in any project).”

This may be the case for some of the projects, or others just don’t fit the wants and needs of backers, but when we dropped in on the Kickstarter scene and launched Tablet Claw, we knew that the noise on Kickstarter alone would be a challenge, much less people liking our design.

Our approach to a successful Kickstarter campaign goes much further than anything you are going to read on their FAQ, and we would love to share that simple strategy with you.  Here is the one key element, PLAN. Know your plan for success and then execute.

Idea Harvest was born from our success on Kickstarter, and we want to help as many inventors, project creators, designers, and more… create and execute a plan for success with their Kickstarter campaigns.

You can always email me: [email protected] with questions.

– Buddy D.

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