Go Fire Yourself – When To Quit Your Day Job

Recently one of our favorite blogs, Go Fire Yourself, explored a topic near and dear to our hearts: when to leave your day job.  As more and more people consider leaving Corporate America, the question of timing has inevitably the most pressing question on people’s minds.  Here is some advice from people who have successfully made the jump and never looked back.

We understand that making the leap can be unnerving, and you’ll wonder if you’re doing the right thing.  You’ll wonder how successful your business can actually be.  But it is also exciting.  You’ll experience a professional freedom that most people never get to experience.  Few people can argue that you will have cared more about your job than when you work for yourself, and there is a tremendous satisfaction that comes from that.  But how do you know when you’re ready?  After all, nobody wants to sit around for months without making money, right?

For us it all starts with due diligence, which is so often overlooked today.  Before you go out on your own you should become an expert on your field, the competition, and what it will take to be successful.  There is a lot of work that goes into it, and you’ll spend a lot of nights reading, but your diligence here will function as the solid foundation upon which you can build your business.  From there, the sky’s the limit!

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