Coworking and the Mobile Work Force:

The beauty of modern advancements in technology is the ability to change the way we work. Coworking is not just for freelance creatives anymore. Businesses now have the ability to go mobile and no longer have to be confined to a 9 to 5 work schedule in a stuffy office.


As we’ve said previously, at Idea Harvest we want our employees to be able to love their job and be productive from wherever they call home and coworking makes that possible. Whether it be from your own living room, a Starbucks down the block or a designated coworking space like Secret Clubhouse, getting down to business on your own time is becoming increasingly more popular.

The main advantages of coworking are in the numbers and the success businesses have seen come from it. It allows you to work at your own pace as well as get valuable opinions from people independent from your company. The social setting and creative melting pot of collaboration could be the key to having a more productive workday and successful business.

There will always be a place in society for the 9 to 5 office grind, but with the mobility of modern technology advancing at it’s current pace, coworking is the way of the future. Does your company practice coworking? How has it worked out for you? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments.  


Tally McCormack

Tablet Claw (Idea Harvest, LLC) 

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