iPad, Marketing’s Best Friend

We’ve seen iPad and tablet use transition seamlessly into business but how can you utilize the trendy technology for marketing trade shows and workshops? Specific iPad apps have already been designed to make event marketing even easier than it already is, but you’d be surprised how well they can lend a hand.


Using iPads for event marketing is not only easier and more efficient, but they’re also flashier and a great conversation starter. People will be drawn to your booth and more likely to ask questions and be curious about your product. This is when you can use the tablet to your advantage. Register attendees quickly as they come up to your booth, sign them up to receive emails from you, show them videos and display data on the flawlessly clear screen and the best part? Snap pictures of people enjoying themselves and integrating the tablet into your product marketing and upload directly to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t worry about that pesky paper and pencil survey either, have them take an online survey on the iPad once they’re finished. Sure you could do all these things without the help of an iPad, but why not let the fast and vast capabilities aid your marketing?

There is another product that could make event marketing with your tablet that much easier. The best iPad and tablet holder for your precious cargo is the Tablet Claw. The hands free iPad stand and cover makes presenting effortless and the no slip ringlet let’s you showcase to your audience fearlessly. Don’t let your iPad marketing experience end in peril. Let the Tablet Claw be your safety net.

Tally McCormack

Tablet Claw (Idea Harvest, LLC)

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